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"Mom, you should put some of your things away. Baby proof this house,"
stated our oldest son Mark as he lumbered up the stairs followed by his wife,
Kim, and fifteen-month-old Hannah. Visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday, he
finished unloading the luggage and took it to the guestroom downstairs. After
driving all day from Salt Lake to Ft. Collins, his temper showed. "That one
finger rule may work with the twins, but it'll never work with Hannah, " he

When my three granddaughters were born four months apart and the twins
moved into our house at eight months, my close friend offered me her secret to
entertaining grandchildren with few mishaps. "Teach them the 'one finger rule'."
All of her five grandchildren learned it at a young age. The success of the
method surprised me.

I picked up my granddaughter and said, "Well, Mark, you just watch." I
hugged her and walked all around the great room.

"Hannah, you may touch anything in this room you want. But, you can only
use one finger." I demonstrated the technique by touching my forefinger to the
African sculpture on the mantle. Hannah followed my example. "Good girl. Now
what else would you like to touch?"

She stretched her finger toward another object on the mantle. I allowed her
to touch everything in sight, plants, glass objects, TV, VCR, lamps, speakers,
candles and artificial flowers. If she started to grab, I gently reminded her to
use one finger. She always obeyed. But, Hannah, an only child, possessed a more
adventur ous personality. Her father predicted it would prevent her from
accepting the"one finger"rule.

During their four-day stay, we aided Hannah in remembering"one finger"rule.
She learned quickly. I only put away the things that might prove to be a danger
to a child. Otherwise, we watched her closely and nothing appeared to suffer any
damage. Besides, "things"can be replaced.

A few fingerprints on glass doors, windows and tables remained after Hannah
and her family returned home. I couldn't bring myself to clean them for days.
Each one reminded me of some wonderful experience with Hannah.

Months later, my husband and I drove to Salt Lake; I watched Mark and Kim
continue to practice the one finger rule. But I refrained from saying, "I told
you so." Yet, I smiled inwardly each time they prodded Hannah to touch with "one
finger. " Mark, a salesman, always gave a packet of gifts to his potential
clients. The night before we returned home, Mark sat on the floor stuffing gifts
into their packets. Hannah helped.

Then she picked up one gift, held it in her hand as if it were a fragile
bird, and walked toward me. At my knee, her beautiful blue eyes looked into
mine. She stretched her prize to me and said, "One finger, Nana!"


Autumn dusk, floating patches of dead leaves. Piece of the falling yellow
leaves are always people feel sad and depressed.

Fu Guo Dang Qi autumn slightly leisurely in my mind the layers of memories!
Looked forward to, read the. Like an elegant lilies, bursts of fragrance exudes.
I know that you want to feel like your taste. Acacia 1000 speech, did not say
tears into beads! Autumn is always reminiscent of the lot. Every autumn since
ancient times, sad lonely and Liao, I made autumn Sheng-chun Chao! Who suddenly
forget that this is a poem. Yes ah, every autumn since ancient times, sad lonely
Liao! True that I do not want to have the kind of broad reach of the harbor - "I
made the spring towards autumn wins." Maybe I am a sentimental person bar!

Hands on trouser pocket inside, it is so leisurely walk, thoughts fly with.
Flew to the clouds, look at Kazamaki, flew to the beach, listening to waves from
ebb tide. This is thousands of miles of the Autumn clouds thousands of miles,
panoramic view. Is Zaibu Dong Toryu is PASSING! Akin to finding away, the tears
look for flowers, the world is to make autumn, full Hitomi bleak. I look forward
to gently, but you draw down quietly! I waited quietly, but you drifting away in
the tree branches!

You come secretly, so that even in red maple leaf, but also to make it more
the storm alone. Cecil cool, so charming the sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn
withdrew earlier stage. Your arrival like a beautiful a performance of the
first, floating in the earth's heart, floating in a lonely heart, floating in
the mind of the Iraqis, floating in the love inside, floating in a farewell, you
floating in the lives of all ri! Choice banging every household of the window
lattice, are you tapping into everyone's hearts. Reward human music, fluttering
autumn leaf Sasa rain.

Past history behind, life is way far apart? Iraqi tears! He cut through
language? Autumn Thoughts Amid the tears are like rain. Always felt the rain,
yes I am depressed to worry Tuozhao, unrestrained flying. If flying between Pipa
Qu sleeves, hit the autumn, bringing more trouble and that little episodes,
staid state of mind. Spring flowers residual cardiac deficiencies go, how autumn
over vagrant hearts? Desolate Baptist Yin foreign land passengers, pipa-hyun on
the full luxuriant desolate.


"Sic transit gloria mundi,"

"How doth the busy bee,"

"Dum vivimusvivamus,"

I stay mine enemy!

Oh "veni, vidi, vici!"

Oh caputcap-a-pie!

And oh "memento mori"

When I am far from thee!

Hurrah forPeter Parley!

Hurrah for Daniel Boone!

Three cheers, sir, for thegentleman

Who first observed the moon!

Peter, put up thesunshine;

Patti, arrange the stars;

Tell Luna, tea is waiting,

And callyour brother Mars!

Put down the apple, Adam,

And come away with me,

Soshalt thou have a pippin

From off my father's tree!

I climb the "Hill ofScience,"

I "view the landscape o'er;"

Such transcendental prospect,

Ine'er beheld before!

Unto the Legislature

My country bids me go;

I'lltake my india rubbers,

In case the wind should blow!

During myeducation,

It was announced to me

That gravitation, stumbling,

Fellfrom an apple tree!

The earth upon an axis

Was once supposed toturn,

By way of a gymnastic

In honor of the sun!

It was the braveColumbus,

A sailing o'er the tide,

Who notified the nations

Of where Iwould reside!

Mortality is fatal --

Gentility is fine,


Insolvency, sublime!

Our Fathers being weary,

Laid down onBunker Hill;

And tho' full many a morning,

Yet they are sleeping still,--

The trumpet, sir, shall wake them,

In dreams I see them rise,

Eachwith a solemn musket

A marching to the skies!

A coward will remain,Sir,

Until the fight is done;

But an immortal hero

Will take his hat,and run!

Good bye, Sir, I am going;

My country calleth me;

Allow me,Sir, at parting,

To wipe my weeping e'e.

In token of ourfriendship

Accept this "Bonnie Doon,"

And when the hand that pluckedit

Hath passed beyond the moon,

The memory of my ashes

Will consolationbe;

Then, farewell, Tuscarora,

And farewell, Sir, tothee!


Surrounding you are angels,

They are there to guide your path,

If weakness overcomes you,

They'll give you strength if you will ask.

When life seems too hard to bear,

And though you feel alone at times,

The angels ... they are there.

Their faces may be hidden

And their voices you might not hear,

But they are ALWAYS with you,

Through your laughter or your tears.

They'll walk along beside you,

They'll guide your steps along the way,

They'll comfort you and hold you,

Protect you night and day.

They'll hold to your hand tightly,

They'll not ever let it go,

And they'll gently lead you forward,

Taking each step very slow.

They watch closely over you;

They are there beside you

In each and every thing you do.

When life is overwhelming,

And your spirit has grown tired,

Know they'll be there for you,

To uplift and to inspire.

And when you're torn and lonely,

And you see no hope ahead,

Know that they will nourish you,

Your spirit will be fed.

And if there comes a time in life

That your heart has been broken,

Hear the words, "I'm here, my child,"

And know your angel has spoken.

For even in the darkest hour,

When all of hope seems gone,

They'll give you strength to live your life,

And desire to go on.

And if your faith in Heaven,

Should ever fade away,

They'll help renew your spirit,

And help you find your way.

Even though you're ever filled with doubt,

About the life you live,

Know that they are there to give you

All that they can give.

For you see, the Father sent them,

Because to Him, you mean so much,

That He sent them "just for you," my friend,

And your life, they will touch.

They will always be here,

They will "never" leave your side;

And upon their strength and guidance,

You always may rely.

Take comfort in their guidance,

Draw strength from up above,

And know that their sweet presence


The Frst Encounter

The lyric lad intones under the moon

Can I have a chance to meet you, I croon

If it were a love from the love divine

I would cherish you, and cherish you fine

I read your solitude in your heart sole

I see your loneliness deep in your soul

If I were in my former life

A lilac in the rain

I drooped low, for you

If I were in my present life

A poplar in the wind

I stood high, for you

Should mountains have no peeks

Should terrains have no cracks

I would not part from you


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